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Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager:Game Tips (4)

(Editor:Jay 12/8/2014)
9Game: Hvae you tried the hot game called Top Eleven? The Competition screen gives the manager a clear overview of the standings and progress of current competitions in Top Eleven.

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Friendlies with José Mourinho

As of an update in November 2013, you are able to play a friendly game against José Mourinho. The friendlies work like these against friends, but with a few differences. Like in the normal friendlies you also gain cash, health packs and experience for your players by playing against José Mourinho, however you can only have one friendly match per 24 hours. The timer resets at a fixed time. Also, your friends won't be able to support you in that game, as it is not shown on the fixtures list.

Please keep in mind that removing José Mourinho from your friend list will remove him permanently, you are not able to add him back after removing him.

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