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(Editor:Jay 12/5/2014)
9Game: Hvae you tried the hot game called Top Eleven? The Competition screen gives the manager a clear overview of the standings and progress of current competitions in Top Eleven.

Manager Level

The Manager Level represents the manager's experience and success. Whenever a manager ends the League between (and including) 1st and 7th place, he advances one level. Advancing a level usually puts the manager against more demanding opponents and sets higher standards for players. It is possible for managers of different levels to play against each other. Being a lower level manager paired up against higher level managers doesn’t necessarily give a disadvantage, as opponents are also paired up based on quality.

Competition Types

There are three Competition types in Top Eleven.

1, League

The League in Top Eleven lasts for 26 season days, from the 3rd to the 28th of each month and consists of 14 teams. Each team plays two matches against every other League opponent. Managers who place 1st to 7th in the League will be promoted to the next manager level at the start of the next season. Whenever you gain a level, your players' displayed star quality will decrease by one, even though their actual quality will not be affected in any way.

The only exception to this rule is when your manager level goes up, but there isn't a sufficient number of teams to form the next level League. When this happens, your manager level will become higher, but your players' displayed star quality will stay the same. Teams that place 1st to 4th will participate in Champions League in the following season.

  • Participants: 14
  • Matches: 26
  • Prize: Depends on level
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