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(Editor:Jay 11/23/2014)
9Game: Hey, game players, welcome back! Top Eleven  is the hot  Android soccer management game by Nordeus on 9Game.Here comes the last part.

Top Eleven Tip 3: Choose Your Orders .

I used to neglect this part as I did not know what to do, until I found that there were many commands available. This screen is where you can select your Penalty Kick Takers, Free Kick Takers, Corner Kick Takers, Captain and Auto Sub.

If your players have special skills such as free kick specialist, you can choose him as the number 1 option. I will choose my LM (left midfield) to take left corner kick, and RM (right midfield) for right corner kick. I'll assign my strikers for my first 2 penalty kick takers and the highest stars for my captain. As for auto subs, I do not assign anything to it as I do not know who's injured, or tired. I'll rather do it manually while watching the match. 

Once all these are done, your team is ready. You are placed in the lowest league with another 13 players. This game will last 1 month and if you are Top 7 in your league, you'll be promoted as level 2 manager. I find this game simple and fast. It just required me around 10 mins of my time daily to manage my team and the game can go on itself.

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